New Noise!

Another Monday has rolled around, so it’s time for some new music! Today’s song is called Dive, a pre-released from a duo called Coast Modern’s self titled album. It has electro-pop/indie rock elements that are sure to get you grooving at the beach or the pool during the summer months. Coast Modern is LA based, … More New Noise!

New Music Monday!

Mondays are for new music! In our spotlight today, we have a new release from Biotin Babies, the pop project by Trev Lukather. The track is called “Day After” and it is the third single released this year, along with his earlier tunes “Eventually” and “Not Enough.” Briefly about Biotin Babies… The voice you hear taking … More New Music Monday!

All- Time Favorite Guitarists – Matt Bellamy and Steve Lukather

     (Bellamy, left – Lukather, right) Two men, different eras, different playing styles, one thing in common: they are guitar playing geniuses. Matthew Bellamy (39) of the British rock band Muse and Steve Lukather (59) of the iconic 80’s band Toto both can be known for their amazing talent when it comes to licks on … More All- Time Favorite Guitarists – Matt Bellamy and Steve Lukather

Toto IV

  What comes to mind when you think of the iconic late 70’s, early 80’s band Toto? Probably the first tune you think of would be Africa, then Hold The Line, and lastly the hit song Rosanna. For a band that has been around for more than four decades, this group of session musicians has … More Toto IV