New Music Monday!


Mondays are for new music! In our spotlight today, we have a new release from Biotin Babies, the pop project by Trev Lukather. The track is called “Day After” and it is the third single released this year, along with his earlier tunes “Eventually” and “Not Enough.”

Briefly about Biotin Babies… The voice you hear taking lead vocals is Trev Lukather, the older son of guitar legend Steve Lukather. Trev began working on this project late last year, releasing the first single, “Eventually” in December. Since then, Biotin Babies has topped charts on Spotify and songs have been featured on curated playlists such as United States Viral 50, New Music Friday Canada, and Japan Viral 50.

“Day After” was released on June 7th, and in just a few it had already been featured on Spotify’s New Music and Weekly Buzz playlists.

Check out this indie, slow jam and tell me what you think! I have provided links to Trev’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify accounts for Biotin Babies.

Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll!

Provided Links Below:

Trev Lukather – Twitter

Trev Lukather – Instagram

Biotin Babies – Twitter

Biotin Babies – Instagram

Biotin Babies – “Day After” on Spotify


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